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Finding a Citroen C3 Fuse

The first thing you will probably do is to find the handbook and look up “Fuses”

The page looks like this:


This is misleading in the extreme!

Firstly it tells you there are two fuseboxes; one in the glove compartment (correct) and one under the bonnet (also correct).

There are, in fact three and it is the third one you actually need to locate!


There is a clue…

It shows you a picture of the fuses. This picture is of the fusebox it doesn’t admit exists. The box in the glove compartment looks like this – count the fuses shown above (14 + 2).

Now count the ones in the photo below (12 + 0). The green block is the diagnostics connector socket and nothing to do with fuses.


So where is the secret fuzebox; the one with actual fuses in it?

It is underneath the glove compartment – in fact immediately below the one that has no fuses in it. Look for the red bonnet catch handle and then immediately to its left. There is a cover over it to hide it from casual discovery.


You will need to put your head almost on the floor and look upwards to see it. If you are unluck enough to have a native left hand drive, you will have to fight with the steering wheel as well! The big red blob in the picture is the bonnet catch handle.

Now the fuse count coincides with the manual!

But those who want to keep the secret of the fuses haven’t quite finished with messing about yet.

Here is the page about the individual fuses. Note the “Ref” numbers start at 3. There is no 7, 13, or 16.

C3 Fuses land

The fuses are marked just above each fuse in the same black as the background and in minute size. You will need a strong torch and probably a magnifying glass.

Actually, having a decent flash camera and taking the photograph above was the only way we could see that the numbers existed.

So, folks, you will keep the Citroen secret, won’t you? Not.

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